Cockfighting in the Philippines

cockfightCockfighting or “Sabong” as it is known in Filipino is a blood sport involving roosters and is extremely popular in the Philippines. The sport involves two roosters fighting it out until one of them is dead or critically injured.

Birds are bred especially for fighting and conditioned for increased stamina and strength. The sport hinges around the fact that cocks possess a natural aggression toward all other males of the same species.

In the Philippines razor sharp knives are used. The blade is usually attached to the left leg of the cock.

Crowds gather to watch and spectators bet on the fights with as much enthusiasm as people bet on horse racing in other countries. The person taking the pets is known as the “kristo”.

As you can imagine this sport is not a favorite among animal welfare groups around the world. Cockfighting is now illegal in many countries including the United States, Australia and much of Europe.

But it remains a favorite sport in the Philippines.

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